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The "Crypto Flares" are a super rare collection of Ethereum NFTs made from 100 watercolors, hand painted in Hollywood by world-famous artist Ross Bleckner. The paintings were scanned in high definition before being minted into the Ethereum blockchain, and ceremoniously erased on video.  


"They play with light and movement, darkness and memory." Said Bleckner. "Physical paintings are illuminated, light bounces off, but these are luminous. As paintings they're metaphor, but as NFTs they're literal: you can see them in the dark."

All 100 NFTs are 1/1 original, one-of-kind works of art, painted, scanned, and minted by the artist. There is nothing like them in the world of digital art or contemporary art - a strikingly original concept that combines both.  

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Crypto Flare owners will hold a key to membership in the NFT community, and enjoy:


1) VIP admission to Ross Bleckner gallery openings. 

2) Unlockable links to HD versions of their paintings, and

3) Video of Bleckner destroying the source paintings.


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